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TranXenoGen Announces Collaboration with Abbott Laboratories
to Pursue Innovative Monoclonal Antibody Production

March 6, 2001 - TranXenoGen, Inc. ("TranXenoGen" or "the Company") the avian transgenic company based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts announces that it has signed a collaborative agreement with Abbott Laboratories to evaluate TranXenoGen’s avian transgenic technology for production of a monoclonal antibody under development at the Abbott Bioresearch Center in Worcester, Mass.

The TranXenoGen avian transgenic technology allows for the expression of gene encoding of proteins from cells. As a result, the technology can be used for high-volume production of monoclonal antibody products at a low cost. Monoclonal antibody research offers a new approach to treating certain conditions by identifying antibodies that inhibit the proteins that lead to the progression of certain diseases. TranXenoGen launched its first pilot evaluation programs at the end of last year and will continue the program this year through its collaboration with the Abbott Bioresearch Center.

Steve Parkinson, president and CEO, TranXenoGen commented:

"We are pleased to be working with the Abbott Bioresearch Center, a world leader in the antibody development field. We are focusing our efforts on an important application of our technology in the area of high-volume therapeutic proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, which are large proteins typically manufactured in mammalian cell culture. The use of TranXenoGen’s technology will provide a more efficient method of production, which could accelerate the use of this new class of protein therapeutics."

Notes to Editors

TranXenoGen, Inc. (symbol: TXN.L) is a publicly listed company on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. The company specializes in the application of second-generation transgenic technology to the production of complex high-volume human therapeutic proteins in the egg albumin fraction of transgenic chicken eggs.

Abbott Bioresearch Center, (ABC), formerly known as BASF Bioresearch Center was acquired by Abbott Laboratories on March 2, 2001 as part of its acquisition of the global pharmaceutical business of BASF Pharma, including the global operations of Knoll. ABC is a state-of-the-art drug discovery and biologics manufacturing facility that has developed a number of fully-human monoclonal antibodies. The most advanced, D2E7, is an anti-TNF antibody in clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis.