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Second Generation Transgenics Company to list on AIM

June 19, 2000 - London… TranXenoGen, Inc. ("TranXenoGen" or the "Company") today announces that it proposes to list its shares on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange and to raise finance by way of a placing of its shares of common stock. The funds raised will be used to develop the Company’s technology and bring its lead products through the critical stages of their development and into production. TranXenoGen plans to complete the flotation on AIM prior to the summer break. WestLB Panmure Limited will be acting as Nominated Advisor and Nominated Broker to TranXenoGen.

TranXenoGen plans to establish itself as a leading protein drug manufacturing company, using its proprietary second-generation transgenic technology. TranXenoGen’s novel technology is designed to offer improved efficiency in the manufacture of important therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies, in the egg whites of transgenic chickens. TranXenoGen believes that its technology has the potential to offer several advantages, compared to existing methods, in the production of complex proteins in terms of overall cost, quality, volume and speed.

TranXenoGen believes that its technology may have broad applicability to a number of therapeutic proteins. The Company is initially developing, insulin, human serum albumin, calcitonin and human growth hormone, and is considering certain monoclonal antibodies as candidates for manufacture in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners.

TranXenoGen’s Non Executive Chairman is Dr Kim Tan, the founder of KS Biomedix Holdings Plc. The Company has assembled a team of some of the most experienced research scientists in the transgenics field including Dr Karl Ebert and Paul DiTullio. Steve Parkinson, the President and CEO of TranXenoGen, has been actively involved in the commercialisation of transgenics technology over most of the last decade having worked for PPL Therapeutics and Genzyme Transgenics.

TranXenoGen is based in Shrewsbury, MA, USA.


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