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TranXenoGen Announces Two Collaborations to Evaluate
Its Monoclonal Antibody Production Technology

Shrewsbury, MA, October 16, 2000 - TranXenoGen, Inc. ('TranXenoGen') announces that it has signed an agreement with K S Biomedix Holdings plc, a UK based biotechnology company, to conduct feasibility studies for the development of a super high affinity monoclonal antibody.

It has also signed an agreement with a leading US monoclonal antibody technology company to conduct feasibility studies for the development of a monoclonal antibody.

It is TranXenoGen’s strategy to demonstrate the value of its avian transgenic technology for the high-volume, low cost manufacture of monoclonal antibody products by entering into development agreements with industry leaders in this field. Consequently, TranXenoGen is launching its first pilot evaluation programs with these leading antibody development companies.

Commenting on the agreements, TranXenoGen's President and CEO, Steve Parkinson, said: 'This is an important next step for TranXenoGen. We are pleased to have evaluation partners of this calibre working with us. Our US partner is providing us with a monoclonal antibody for a first phase proof of principle project. If successful, these programs could lead to full-scale manufacturing contracts. We have always said the most important application of our technology is to the area of high volume monoclonal antibodies and we are seeking to develop a number of these partnerships.’

‘The development of our first four well characterized biologicals products is well underway, and we are now establishing full scale manufacturing facilities. The next stage is to develop monoclonal antibodies in our avian transgenic system.'

TranXenoGen, Inc. (symbol: TXN.L) is a publicly listed company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. The company specializes in the application of second-generation transgenic technology to the production of complex high-volume human therapeutic proteins in the egg albumin fraction of transgenic chicken eggs.

KS Biomedix Holdings plc (London, UK) is one of the UK's leading biopharmaceutical companies with a late stage pipeline of drugs for anti-inflammatory disease and a powerful platform technology based on sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMA). The company currently has two products in clinical trials; CBF-BS2, which has just completed Phase II clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis; and CB-2431 for osteo-arthritis which has also successfully completed a Phase II clinical trial. Its SMA technology enables the isolation of super-high affinity antibodies and is being targeted at a range of commercial opportunities, such as the treatment of colon cancer. KS Biomedix was founded in 1990 and began operations in 1992. It listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in 1995 and made a full listing on the London Stock Exchange in 1998.